Training Group

The Superior Man Tri Training Program gives you a customized training plan, individualized coaching and training specific to our event. The training plan, custom developed by Head Coach Mike Ward, will prepare you to have the best race possible at the 2013 Superior Man Triathlon. The Superior Man Tri Training Program will be limited to 15 athletes!

Program Details:

Cost: $250. The program starts Monday, April 8th and goes until race day, Sunday, August 25th (20 weeks). The group will be limited to 15 athletes. To register, visit

Program Benefits:

• Individualized form coaching

• Customized 20-week training plan

• Weekly training email with the upcoming training schedule, along with helpful tips, articles, and news every Sunday

• FREE entry to the Duluth Running Co. Aquathon series (tech shirt included)(for more info, visit

• Training group shirt

• Supported group swim, bike, and run sessions

• 10% Duluth Running Company discount

What you’ll need:

• Bicycle and bike trainer for indoor rides (Duluth Running Co. carries two models of Kurt
Kinetic Trainers).

• Heart rate monitor (available at Duluth Running Co.)

Training Plan:

Our training program is for all levels, including very beginner. Our goal is to get you safely to the starting line without injury. Based on your goals and time constraints, workouts can be made more or less challenging. Registrants will receive the full training plan on Monday, April 8. Weekly emails will detail the upcoming training schedule.


You should be able to run five miles without stopping and be capable of riding
45 minutes straight by the start of the program. These are individual sport
expectations not in conjunction with each other.

Tentative group training schedule: (Weeks 1 thru 8 ):

Mondays: (6:30- 7:30 AM) Swim

Thursdays: (5:30- 7 PM) Bike-Run brick workout starting at Duluth Running Co. Bike will be inside on trainers or outside depending on weather

Fridays: (6:30- 7:30 AM) Swim

Saturdays: (8-10 AM) Ride at Duluth Running Co. inside on trainers

Tentative group training schedule: (Weeks 9 thru 20):

Monday: (6:30- 7:30 AM) Swim

Tuesdays: (6:30- 8:30 PM) Open water swim followed by ride starting from
Pike Lake boat landing

Thursdays in weeks 9-13 and 18-20: (6:30-8 AM) Bike-run brick workout at Duluth Running Co.

Thursdays in weeks 14-17: (6:30- 8:30 PM) Duluth Running Co. Aquathon Series

Saturday: (8-11 AM) Long ride starting from Brighton Beach

About the coaches:

Head Coach Mike Ward, an avid triathlon enthusiast, will manage all training schedules and training group communications, and will work one-on-one with every athlete to offer personalized advice on how to succeed as a long-course triathlete on any level. Mike is the Marketing and Sponsorship Director of the Superior Man Triathlon and race director for the Duluth Running Co. Aquathlon Series. He is consistently on triathlon age-group podiums and the reigning two-time Brewhouse Triathlon short course winner.

Clint Agar, who is the executive director of the Superior Man Tri, will act as assistant coach, participating in many group sessions and offering expert advice on swim and run form and technique. Clint is the CEO of Duluth Running
Co., a seasoned triathlete, certified Natural Running Coach, was a 2011 member of Team USA, and has swim coached the UMD Tri team.