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This was such an intriguing retelling of sleeping beauty where the princess is the monster, a faerie toad is trying her best, and the knight/prince is here to listen instead of save the princess. I also enjoyed the change in actions of the prince/knight interesting as well since he was willing to listen to Toadling’s story and not insist on trying to save the princess afterwards. I also liked being able to see the past because, as mentioned above, it allows us to see Toadling in different situations and how she handles different circumstances. It was also nice because it means we get to read about Faerie and the different creatures that exist there and not just stay in the 'present' human world. Let them not come,” she prayed. She had been told that the Fair Folk were without souls, and probably that applied to her as well, a befuddled creature betwixt and between. Still, just in case, she prayed. “Let them not come here. Let them not clear the thorns. I do not know how many of them I can hold off. Please keep them away. Um. Amen.” This was a lovely magical twist on Sleeping Beauty, where Sleeping Beauty is an evil changeling. Lyrically told, it felt like a natural extension of the original tale, even as it tipped that story on its head. This was the perfect length as a novella, with its focus on the two central characters, and didn't have any extraneous fluff bogging it down. It was an easy one sitting, one hour read for me. Tiny and magical, like Toadling herself.

Thornhedge by T. Kingfisher | Waterstones

I read this in one sitting and was not left wanting. It's rare to find a book that is solid from start to finish but maybe it's because it's so short. The pacing of th If you looked in exactly the right place, you might see a few lines a little too straight to be a tree trunk—but you had to know exactly where to look.But time did pass and perhaps the stories were told less often. Fewer men came to the thorn hedge with axes. The wagtails left, because they preferred open country, and the fairy was sorry to see them go. Jays moved in, flitting through the thorns and blistering the air with their scolds. They were shy and spooked easily, for all their cursing. The fairy recognized kindred spirits, as she still spooked easily herself. Her first instinct was to go to toad shape, but that would have meant another motion, even a small one, as she dropped to the earth. Instead, she stayed absolutely still, unmoving, not even drawing breath. The pacing of this novella is on point, which is not always something that I can say about the format. Many novellas either feel like drawn out short stories or dramatically cut down novels, but Kingfisher utilized the novella's length to its benefit. The plot moves along at a great pace, always moving toward the next "reveal", while also finding time for the quieter character moments that lets their humanity shine in these of-dark circumstances. The ending is immensely satisfying, and I cannot honestly say (as a huge compliment) that I don't need anymore of Toadling or this particular world. Their story is told - its finished. Which, in the ever of the "Marvel Cinematic Universe" and "Franchise Fever" is quite refreshing. If you love fairytale retellings, this is a must-read perfect for both YA and adults. I loved T. Kingfisher's Nettle and Bone and was worried this may not live up - but it blew me away and kept me guessing about the ending all the way through.

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What if that famous princess cursed to sleep in a tower was secluded away for good reason? This is the story of a monstrous beauty, a shy kindhearted heroine, and a charming prince in search of stories. As all good fairytales should, it has dark elements but it’s also reflective and sweet. The novella format really suits this story, any longer and it would lose that fairytale feeling. I really loved the characters of Toadling and Halim and the lore was so interesting, T. Kingfisher never disappoints Kingfisher, who also writes children's books under the name Ursula Vernon, knows how to spin a compelling tale. Toadling's story—and the castle's lurking secrets—unfold gradually, interspersed with scenes depicting her growing friendship with Halim. As the narrative progresses, so does readers' sense of mounting horror and dread, as they realize just how high the stakes are, even as they, like the curious Halim, might want to see the truth for themselves. Kingfisher consistently upends expectations, whether by having her aspiring Prince Charming be a Muslim refugee from Anatolia (modern-day Turkey), or by making her heroine not the sleeping princess but the ugly creature who cursed her... continued The author’s note at the end really explains how I feel about this book: yes, the main character is raised by child-eating swamp monsters, but it was such a sweet book. So short though! The story felt very complete and I’m okay without knowing more about the world, but I would love to read this in maybe a collection of short stories? I adore Toadling, and I wish her all the best.

Some macabre content and a supremely gentle burgeoning friendship that might eventually become romantic, but nothing that would put this out of reach of a middle schooler who loves a good fairy tale twist. Kingfisher’s fascination with the natural world as part and parcel of the magical world-building continues here, with Toadling herself an adopted member of the ‘greenteeth’, the world of fae and changelings proving key to the story, and Toadling’s powers over water and earth proving a counterpoint to the sinister changeling’s affinity for fire and air. Kingfisher’s stories all feel rooted in the physical, even in worlds beyond our own, with medicinal herbs taking the place of healing magic, and mud and water proving to be as good a prison as a curse.

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T. Kingfisher’s delicate, bittersweet style of fantasy is like nothing else on shelves at the moment and, as a result, she’s an author whose work I would read without knowing one single fact about it. But, in case you need facts, this Sleeping Beauty retelling with a twist is a perfect blend of sharp-edged humor and horror-tinged heart.”—Paste Magazine Toadling is a toad-shaped heroine, not our usual beautiful princess. She was stolen by faeries from her family when she was born, but she was raised safe & loved. They just asked on favor of her – to return to the human world and offer a blessing of protection on a newborn child. Well, that doesn’t go off without a hitch! Centuries later, a knight discovers thornhedge and decides he needs to break the curse, but Toadling isn’t about to let that happen.

T. Kingfisher is an auto-read for me. I am super excited that I get this opportunity to review her new novel set to publish 8/15/2023! At every turn, Kingfisher subverts familiar fairytale tropes into a fresh, complex, and extremely human story about loneliness, and the protective barriers we put around ourselves." —Sunyi Dean, bestselling author of The Book Eaters If he doesn’t leave on his own, she thought, I will have to drive him off. Spook his horse. Tie elf-knots in his hair. Something. I’ve recently become obsessed with T. Kingfisher’s novels so I’m trying to get my hands on everything she’s ever written. Thornhedge is her newest adult fantasy novella that’s a reimagining of Sleeping Beauty but where the princess is the villain and the one who curses the princess is the heroine. She added the last worriedly, not sure if that made it a prayer or if she was supposed to be doing something else. The royal family’s priest had been reasonably accepting of her presence, but that tolerance had not extended to teaching her how to make a prayer correctly.

Thornhedge (T. Kingfisher) – Book Review – Set The Tape Thornhedge (T. Kingfisher) – Book Review – Set The Tape

Whether you are a long time fan of T. Kingfisher or brand new to her works, this is a perfect novella for fairy tale fans. She slept more and more. The jays stole shiny things from each other’s nests but found no new ones. Go away, she thought. Go away. Quit looking. They can’t be telling stories, not now. It’s been so long …Thornhedge is a story about Toadling, a fairy who is sent to bestow a gift upon a human child. Things don't quite go as planned, and Toadling spends 200 years watching over a keep that holds a 'sleeping beauty.' One day, a knight comes along, having read a story about a princess in a tower, and Toadling has to contend with his curiosity.

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