8 Rules of Love: The Sunday Times bestsellling guide on how to find lasting love and enjoy healthy relationships, from the author of Think Like A Monk

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8 Rules of Love: The Sunday Times bestsellling guide on how to find lasting love and enjoy healthy relationships, from the author of Think Like A Monk

8 Rules of Love: The Sunday Times bestsellling guide on how to find lasting love and enjoy healthy relationships, from the author of Think Like A Monk

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However, you need to make sure you feel safe and connected when you’re not having sex. If you’re only feeling safe when you’re having sex, chances are you’re missing out on much more intimacy. 5. There are more types of love than romantic love.

Dalam 8RoL, Shetty menekankan kalau beda antara "mencintai" dg "memiliki" tuh tipis banget. Seringkali kita memaknai "cinta" sinonim dg "ownership." Padahal setiap manusia punya otoritas atas dirinya sendiri. Every one of us punya kuasa buat nentuin mau dibawa hubungannya (you sing, you lose). Most of the advice on love is caught up in how to find Mr. or Ms. Right. We think there’s a perfect person out there for us, a soul mate, the One, and dating apps reinforce that belief. That’s wonderful when it happens, but it doesn’t happen to everyone, and it doesn’t always stay so perfect. This book is different because it’s not about finding the perfect person or relationship and leaving the rest to chance. I want to help you intentionally build love instead of wishing, wanting, and waiting for it to arrive fully formed. I want to help you deal with the challenges and imperfections we encounter on the journey to love. I want you to create a love that grows every day, expanding and evolving rather than achieved and complete. We can’t know where and when we’ll find love, but we can prepare for it and practice what we’ve learned when we find it. ir ļoti iedrošinoša grāmata! Smaidīt. Sev un citiem. Mīlēt. Sevi un citus. Un ne vien astoņos mīlestības likumos, bet pagriežot "8" simbolu ... "∞" ... bezgalība ...As DePaulo says, “One of our challenges culturally is that we don’t tell positive affirming stories about people who are single.” Whether you look at movies, music, or TV shows, usually, even though people in relationships are struggling, it’s highlighted when someone’s alone. 2. Chemistry starts a relationship, but character makes it last.

Sejujurnya, ketika liat judul buku barunya Jay Shetty yang ini, aku teringat lagunya JKT48 😂 (Aturan Anti Cinta)... Being in a relationship seems like the obvious cure for loneliness. Aren’t we lonely because we’re alone? But the fear of loneliness interferes with our ability to make good decisions about relationships. My client Leo had been dating Isla for nearly a year when her job took her from Philadelphia to Austin. The ancient Greeks believed that there were seven basic types of love: Eros (sexual or passionate love), Philia (friendship), Storge (familial), Agápe (universal), Ludus (casual or non-committal), Pragma (based on duty), and Philautia (self-love). More recently, psychologist Tim Lomas, a lecturer in the Human Flourishing Program at Harvard University, analyzed 50 languages and identified 14 unique kinds of love. Kāds teiks, ka šī grāmata ir mūsdienu "pop'kultūras" ilustrējošs piemērs - un tomēr, tā (šī) ir tieši tāda pasaule, kādā dzīvojam. Steidzīgā. Krāsu, emociju, notikumu pārsātinātā. Nebeidzamu vajadzību un nesasniedzamu priekšstatu karuselis! It’s much healthier and more important to see your partner in multiple interactions over time before you’ve gone too far in. Studies show that you need around 40 hours to consider someone a casual friend, a hundred hours to consider someone a good friend, and 200 hours to consider someone a great friend.By living Jay Shetty’s eight rules, we can all love ourselves, our partner, and the world better than we ever thought possible. It’s no wonder we dread being alone. All our lives, we’ve been primed to fear it. The kid who played by themself in the playground? They were called a loner. The one who had a birthday party, when the cool kids didn’t show up? They felt unpopular. Not being able to find a plus one for the wedding makes us feel like losers. The terrifying prospect of having to sit alone during lunch is such a common theme in high school movies that Steven Glasberg, a throwaway cameo in Superbad, has made it into the Urban Dictionary as that kid who sits alone at lunch every day, eating his dessert. It was drummed into us that we had to have a prom date, to fill our yearbooks with signatures, to be surrounded by a squad of friends. Being alone meant being lonely. Loneliness has been cast as the enemy of joy, growth, and love. We imagine ourselves stranded on an island, lost, confused, and helpless, like Tom Hanks in Cast Away with nobody but a volleyball named Wilson to talk to. Loneliness is the last resort. A place no one wants to visit, let alone live. Inspirándose en la antigua sabiduría védica y en la ciencia moderna, Shetty nos comparte sus ideas sobre cómo definir el amor, cómo evolucionar en pareja o, incluso, cómo romper una relación y empezar otra. Jay Shetty nos muestra cómo evitar las falsas promesas y las relaciones que no son para nosotros. A lot of people say, “We just don’t love each other anymore, we’ve fallen out of love.” What that means is that love wasn’t enough. There were character traits that we needed that we didn’t find in that partner, that we didn’t recognize we needed to grow the relationship. The Gottman Institute, which publishes studies on relationships, talked about how the number one thing that keeps couples together is not date nights, holiday cruises, or walks on the beach, it’s their ability to learn how to argue, the ability to turn an argument into a discussion. Fighting and arguing push you apart, but discussion and debate bring you closer.

Shetty joined an ashram at age 21. For three years he lived as a monk, studying the Vedas, which were written more than five thousand years ago. Their relevance in the modern world “amaze and inspire” him, he writes in the Introduction. This book is rooted in Vedic principles, “applying Vedic concepts in ways they haven’t been used before, applying spiritual concepts to earthly relationships.” The fourth ashram, Sannyasa, is the epitome of love—when we’re extending our love to every person and every moment of our life. In this stage our love becomes boundless. We realize we can experience love at any time with anyone. We learn how to love again and again (Rule 8). We strive for this perfection, but we never achieve it.The storybook version of love I displayed for Radhi wasn’t the love that would sustain our relationship. Fairy tales, films, songs, and myths don’t tell us how to practice love every day. That requires learning what love means for the two of us as individuals and unlearning what we thought it meant. That’s why I’m sharing my imperfect story. I don’t know everything, and I don’t have everything figured out. Radhi has taught me so much about love, and I continue to learn with her. I’m sharing all this book’s advice with you knowing how much I could have used it myself and will use it in the future. Love is not about staging the perfect proposal or creating a perfect relationship. It’s about learning to navigate the imperfections that are intrinsic to ourselves, our partners, and life itself. I hope this book helps you do just that. Below, Jay shares 5 key insights from his new book, 8 Rules of Love: How to Find It, Keep It, and Let It Go. Listen to the audio version—read by Jay himself—in the Next Big Idea App. https://cdn.nextbigideaclub.com/wp-content/uploads/2023/02/14101354/BB_Jay-Shetty_MIX.mp3 1. Let yourself be alone. Al aplicar estas ocho reglas del amor de Jay Shetty aprenderemos a amar a nuestra pareja, al mundo y también a nosotros mismos But on the way there, red spots appeared all over Radhi’s face. By the time we arrived at her parents’, she was covered in hives, and their first words to us weren’t Congratulations! but What’s wrong with your face? That was the day we discovered she’s allergic to horses.

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