32 AMP Plug To 16 AMP Socket 240V Blue 4mm HO7RN-F Changeover Lead

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32 AMP Plug To 16 AMP Socket 240V Blue 4mm HO7RN-F Changeover Lead

32 AMP Plug To 16 AMP Socket 240V Blue 4mm HO7RN-F Changeover Lead

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It uses womai's technique of calculating the high result word with PICaxe's * and / , but only for the first pass, then it's all shifting and conditional subtraction. quick question does each socket need its own MCB or can I run 2 16amp sockets off of the same 16 amp MCB if they are not going to be used at the same time?

Actually, it might be that there was just a line which had gone AWOL, marked in the updated code below. I have a practice of renaming the registers to make software configuration more flexible and easily followed (see example below) , so perhaps PICAXE does not allow us to nest assignment under the variable symbols you define for the divide routine, in which case I might need to point these back to the absolute register values (bo, b1 w3 etc) ( HIPPY - is that the case? It's all from quite some time ago so I don't have any ready answers as to why there may be bugs or where they may be. The Talon brand has grown from humble beginnings, directly attributed to the knowledge, expertise and dedication from the team behind the brand. pdf section 29) you will see that the instructions are for bit and byte manipulation with only add and subtract math functions so Rev Ed already have to impliment multiply and divide plus 16-bit math in firmware.This is being done in hopes of cooling Esau's wrath for what Jacob did to him 20 years earlier (Genesis 27:30–35; 27:41–45). The whole picture is that of a smiling land, a God-fearing and contented people, all in striking contrast with the panic and unrest with which the people had been but too familiar. Did that work for you or was what you posted an older undebugged version - if so what should it be please? Thanks HIPPY for the mind trigger that shows how effectively the picaxe word*word = 32 bit result does that task in firmware.

A d type can go up to 160 to 320 amps for a split second whereas the b type will only allow 80-160 odd.Please note that the PIC chips (PIC12xxxx some earlier and PIC16xxxx current ) used for the PICAXE range of microcontrollers are in fact only 8-bit chips in terms of data width.

However, PICAXE does allow 16-bit by 8-bit divide ( and 16-bit by 16-bit ) and there are three overlapping groups of 16-bits in a 32-bit number. But I would likely work out on paper what each step of the algorithm should produce and then compare what stepping through the program produces. If only you had paid attention to My commandments, your peace would have been like a river, and your righteousness like waves of the sea.

starts 98/54 = 1, remainder 44 ; but now we need 447/54 and we don't have the routine to handle the three digits of 447. e. 17 bits) but this can be bodged as we know that if a digit has reached the 17th (overflow) position then it's only necessary to (always) perform a single subtraction of the denominator.

You may like to just check to see that putting a divisor of 0 works OK with your code if you have not already done so?ALLAN, I tried your code in my run time environment hoping it would just work , but got some unpredictable results which I have no time to look at just now. I like the way you have reduced the word and byte registers required and the great documentation to go with it - very smart. Fitted with a 32 AMP 240V IP44 rated 2P+E industrial plug and 16 AMP 240V IP44 rated 2P+E industrial socket. Just an update that I've now posted my "full" 32 bit by 16 bit division routine in the code snippets section.

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