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The novel then progresses through a number of movements, each more mind-numbing and awe-inspiring than the previous. Hromic on SF Site felt that "it has all the technical overkill of some of the worst-afflicted Larry Niven books, with very little character development as a redeeming leaven. I never really connected with any of them, and even when they were in danger, I never really had an investment in their safety.

In both cases, we have two groups that are not necessarily enemies but have very different ideas of how to achieve their goals. Actually, Bear's characters are developed fairly decently, but his best efforts come in his mind-expanding scientific/philosophical speculation. The inner dimensions are at odds with the outer: there are different chambers to be breached, some containing deserted cities; the furthest chamber contains the greatest mystery ever to confront the Stones scientists. he can't seem to keep from following every thread to a conclusion at the expense of good story telling. It's overwhelming the way I love to be overwhelmed by authors like Stephen Baxter, Kim Stanley Robinson, Cixin Liu, and even Adrian Tchaikovsky.Most of the remainder of the human race now reside in a hollowed out asteroid that was found floating in a distant earth orbit.

Her theories have proved that there are an infinite number of quantum universes, representing all possible realities. Maybe if you liked Banks' The Algebraist or Hamilton's Night's Dawn you'll like this - similarly bloated balderdash disguised as serious science fiction. But for sheer ideative sugar rush, for the exhilarating sense that you almost understand as scenes of staggering complexity flicker relentlessly through your mind, it’s hard to think of a comparison in modern sf. Re-reading this book I felt like I was entering through the bore-hole for the first time and experiencing the asteroid anew. Senza rovinare la suspence, all'inzio si può trovare un vago parallelo con "Incontro con Rama", ma l'analogia (se c`è) è di breve durata.I loved his Blood Music – but then again, that’s concept driven and weak with characterization, which might not fit your preferences. Thanks for the comment, I always appreciate people chiming in with different viewponts, and I’m glad you liked this book. If you enjoy the site please consider a small donation towards the cost of the upkeep and development of SFBook. In particular, the last hundred pages or so was devoid of narrative tension as the story trundled to what seemed it's innevitable conclusion.

This splits one's sympathies so that the reader never fully invests in one character's interests - this leaves one too much outside the story, looking in. His work covered themes of galactic conflict ( Forge of God books), parallel universes ( The Way series), consciousness and cultural practices ( Queen of Angels), and accelerated evolution ( Blood Music, Darwin’s Radio, and Darwin’s Children). That said, this was a visionary, ambitious work of SF that was crammed full of ideas which is precisely what SF should be doing. Instead, the more pertinent question is what does Greg Bear want to say about politics and human nature?It’s discovered the asteroid is hollow, and as the investigation into the nature of the stone continues amazing things are discovered. Incidentally, a 290 km prolate spheroid has been detected following an anomalous energy burst just outside the solar system. Each new discovery leads to a new focus, until the discoveries spiral out of control and the reader is left breathless and stunned. The race is on – is the asteroid from our future or from the future of some less lucky parallel universe? Most of it is very well written and most of the characters are if not likeable then interesting and real enough to work.

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