Church of Cowards: A Wake-Up Call to Complacent Christians

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Church of Cowards: A Wake-Up Call to Complacent Christians

Church of Cowards: A Wake-Up Call to Complacent Christians

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If Christ is not close to our primary joy in life, how can we go to a place where He is the only joy? I certainly know that my life doesn’t revolve entirely around Christ at present, but the more important question I must face is this: Do I want it to? I admire Walsh for his desire and fearlessness in speaking truth in a world that's going off the rails. We try to entice the world into the church by fashioning the church to look and sound exactly like the world.

Walsh explains why that trend must be reversed if America is to save itself—and its founding principles. Such heresies include the sin of “I’m good enough” or the sadducceal excuse of “at least I’m not like this” fill-in-the-blank sin that you happen to not (usually) commit.Instead, we need sound doctrine, a contrite heart, and a passion for sharing the truth of God’s Word, not the ever-changing whims of man or the fad of the day. He does refer to Christ’s atonement from time to time, but will also say things like, “He (Christ) did everything for us that he possibly could,” but in addition to that, “we must love” (p.

Fierce, witty, moral and often profound, Matt is a voice Christians need to hear if they want to remember who they are and who they're supposed to be. The lack of bibles, crosses, quiet time, prayer, and reverence in many modern churches and how they dare not let one second of quiet reflection time during their loud and busy services. We've maybe remembered the grace of God, but have left the TRUTH of God outside many of our churches.This softens the blow a bit when he goes on the warpath against professed Christians who minimize the importance of good works, who see Jesus as little more than a casual buddy, who deny that pain and suffering should be expected in the believer’s life, who dismiss Satan as fictional, who shift their moral stance based on public opinion, who exalt tolerance and a false compassion, who allow Netflix and the Internet to dominate their mind’s attention, and who neglect the importance of the organized local church. The book is not an easy read, but it is a convicting one for today's Christian that wants to see the church survive. Or, when he compares getting into heaven to climbing a mountain, adding that it doesn’t matter how far we’ve climbed, but only that we start the journey and do the best we can (p. As a teacher, I haven't noticed this but maybe like a frog in water I'm just too immersed and can no longer recognize that that's all I'm teaching (that was a joke; I shouldn't clarify that, but I felt a need to). Despite the apparent harshness of the message (which really is no different than reading most of Jeremiah), I believe a healthy broken and contrite heart will be the fruit.

The multiplication of desires in our culture and the church focus on the here and now instead of eternity. Finally, one person steps forward and begins reciting the Nicene Creed, "I believe in one God, the Father Almighty, Creator of Heaven and earth; and in Jesus Christ, His only Son, our Lord; Who was conceived by the Holy Spirit, born of the Virgin Mary. The heretics of the past at least had the wit and wherewithal to attack a specific dogma and suggest a different dogma to take it’s place.The necessity of church and religion for man as ordained by God, although clearly often failing in manner due to being run by sinful men. Some are saying it is already too late, like historian Charles Sasser who said that as far back as 2017 (see "Crushing the Collective"). There are also the regular people who love themselves more than God and prefer their own enjoyment to worshiping and serving Him. Then there are the super extreme statements like “the simple fact is that when a kid is sent to public school, he’s expected to navigate and survive and thrive in a hostile, confusing, amoral environment.

Secular media, Christian media, going to church, not going to church, public school, private school, so forth and so on .None of these are new problems, these aren't problems with American society, but problems with human nature. Too many complacent ‘believers’ are failing to engage the secular culture; they’re drowning themselves in it instead. It’s slapping that needle out of your hand, slapping you in the face a few times, and telling you to go to a clinic and get clean.

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