Ferno the Fire Dragon: Series 1 Book 1 (Beast Quest)

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Ferno the Fire Dragon: Series 1 Book 1 (Beast Quest)

Ferno the Fire Dragon: Series 1 Book 1 (Beast Quest)

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When Tom and Elenna were trying to find Ferno's phoenix sister, Spiros, Ferno was summoned to them to help. Ferno snapped his jaws at Epos, being countered by her beak, starting to tear each other apart while Sam and Maximus engaged. The Beast began incinerating the canopy, giving Claw far less of an advantage and smoking him out, the Good Beast tailing the Evil Beast through the trees and bringing trees down to cut off escape routes, eventually forcing the Giant Monkey to drop to the jungle floor. Enhanced Speed: Ferno swished his tail so fast that Silver couldn't react to it, flinging the wolf onto the rocky ground.

With the aid of Berric, the Beast dominated the battle, forcing Tom to summon Ferno for aid in battle. He released a fireball, being met by Tom's shield, able to withstand the fire, likely because it was made of wood from the Tree of Being. As Tom battled Ferrok and his growing band of Iron Warriors, he summoned Ferno to assist in defeating the Iron Soldier. Ferno then stayed to watch Tom be inducted as the new Master of the Beasts, replacing the deceased Taladon. His burning breath is described to be as hot as molten lava and is powerful enough to incinerate Claw and kill Malvel.After Sam lost his sword, Ferno was guided down to strike, heading for the lake as Epos tried to lure him into the water, but pulled off when Lara found the sword in the water and recovered it, passing it to Sam as Ferno adjusted and approached. The Beast rose up, flung his wings wide, began to build up fire, and released the jet of flame at Tom, who rolled aside before using his shield to negate the fire.

The Fire Dragon arrived with a jet of flame as he descended on the battleground, enraging the watching Malvel. Ferno turned and spun around for another attack, but as he drew close, Kyrax stabbed up, catching the Beast and drawing blood. Out of desperation for their best warrior being killed, King Hugo and Aduro would accept Tom's offer to attempt to free the Beasts. The Flame Bird drew close to the dragon, allowing Sam to flick the saddle off, sending Maximus spiralling to the ground and releasing Ferno from the dark magic. As such, when Tom duelled Nemico and the evil version of Tom matched the true warrior of Avantia admirably, Tom resorted to summoning Ferno to assist him.He approached the Metal Warrior and released a jet of fire on the Henkrallian Beast, who tried to fly away, but fell to the ground as his wings melted. After Petra revived Mortaxe, the Skeleton Warrior summoned the Beasts of Avantia to him in the arena, with Ferno and Epos being the first two to arrive circling each other in the sky over the stadium just before it rose from the ground below them. He asked the Beast to take to Drakonia, which Ferno was cautious about due to the danger, but accepted the request. When Tom engaged Malvel in Errinel, Elenna used Tom's shield (which Tom had lost in battle with the King of Fear) to once-again summon the Fire Dragon, not content to let Tom fight Malvel alone as he wanted. The Fire Dragon disguised himself and allowed the knight to begin climbing him, unaware he walking up the Fire Dragon.

Tom is a boy who has always wanted an adventure, in which he has the chance to get after strange things-- the horses getting attacked, the river running low, and the crops burned-- happen in his village.Ferno was the last of the three to arrive, swooping over the ocean as Epos released a fireball on Grashkor, temporarily taking him out of the fight, blinking an eye in greeting, and tipped a wing to the Avantians to allow them to climb on. Due to the activity of evil forces within the south, he was forced to mature quickly so he was ready for battle whenever necessary. The Beast pinned his foe to the ground, raking his claws across his chest and making significant gashes. Like the other Good Beasts, Ferno attended Taladon's funeral in spirit, channelling his grief and anguish through his token in Tom's shield as the former Master of the Beasts was taken into the Gallery of Tombs.

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