Lonely Planet Greek Phrasebook & Dictionary

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Lonely Planet Greek Phrasebook & Dictionary

Lonely Planet Greek Phrasebook & Dictionary

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The complete illustrated phrasebook enables you to communicate fully in Greek without mastery of the language. Finance is provided by PayPal Credit (a trading name of PayPal UK Ltd, Whittaker House, Whittaker Avenue, Richmond-Upon-Thames, Surrey, United Kingdom, TW9 1EH). Organized by subjects such as everyday phrases, hotels, travelling around and includes an extensive menu section. In accordance with The Post Office, the last recommended date for Christmas posting is 18th December (2nd Class) and 20th December (First class).

we εμείς he αυτός she αυτή it αυτό they αυτοί my/mine δικός μου (δική μου, δικό μου) your/yours (formal) δικός σας (δική σας, δικό σας) your/yours (informal) δικός σου (δική σου, δικό σου) our/ours δικός μας (δική μας, δικό μας) his δικός του (δική του, δικό του) her/hers δικός της (δική της, δικό της) its του their/theirs δικός τους (δική τους, δικό τους) Problems [ edit ] I'm drowning! If there's an accent at the first vowel of a diphthong, or a diaeresis on the second, then it isn't an actual diphthong and the two vowels are pronunced separately. Read more about the condition Very Good: A book that has been read and does not look new, but is in excellent condition. Greek is one of the earliest-attested Indo-European languages, known from 1400 BC in inscriptions in a syllabary of Minoan origin. Vowel Clusters [ edit ] ΑΙ/αι alpha-iota as in p et; ΕΙ/ει epsilon-iota as in h e ΟΙ/οι omicron-iota as in h e ΟΥ/ου omicron-upsilon as in p ool ΑΥ/αυ alpha-upsilon when after α, the lettet υ is pronounced like β (v) as in avatar ΕΥ/ευ epsilon-upsilon when after ε, the letter υ is pronounced between β and φ (v and f).half μισός/μισή/μισό ( mee-SSOHS / mee-SSEE / mee-SSOH) quarter τέταρτο ( tEH-tar-toh less λιγότερος/πιο λίγος/λιγότερη/πιο λίγη/λιγότερο/πιο λίγο ( lee-GHO-teh-rohs / lee-GHO-teh-ree / lee-GHO-teh-roh) more περισσότερος/πιο πολύς/περισσότερη/πιο πολλή/περισσότερο/πιο πολύ ( peh-ree-SSOH-teh-rohs / peh-ree-SSOH-teh-ree / peh-ree-SSOH-teh-ro) Time [ edit ] now τώρα ( TOH-rah) later αργότερα ( ar-GHOH-teh-rah) before πριν ( preen) morning πρωί ( proh-EE) afternoon απόγευμα ( a-POH-yev-ma) evening βράδυ ( VRAH-thee) night νύχτα ( NEE-htah) Clock time [ edit ] one o'clock AM μία η ώρα το πρωί( . noodles μακαρόνια ( makaronia) rice ρύζι ( oh-REE-zah) beans φασόλια ( fah-SOH-lia) May I have a glass of _____? If you are a resident of another country or region, please select the appropriate version of Tripadvisor for your country or region in the drop-down menu. Stunning images enhance the content and make this the most visually attractive Greek phrase book on the market.

We use Lonely Planet phrase books whenever we roam outside of Europe's core English-French-German-Italian-Spanish-Portuguese language zone. Following are the uppercase and lowercase versions of each letter, followed by its name in English (Latin) and Greek. EH-nahs / MEE-ah / EH-nah) 2 δύο ( DHEE-oh) 3 τρεις/τρια ( trees / TREE-ah) 4 τέσσερις/τέσσερα ( TESS-a-reess / TESS-a-rah) 5 πέντε ( PEN-deh) 6 έξι ( EH-xee) 7 επτά ( ep-TAH) 8 οκτώ ( okh-TOH) 9 εννέα ( en-EH-ah) 10 δέκα ( DHEH-kah) 11 έντεκα ( EN-deh-kah) 12 δώδεκα ( DHOH-dheh-kah) 13 δεκατρείς/δεκατρία ( dheh-kah-TREES / dheh-kah-TREE-ah) 14 δεκατέσσερις/δεκατέσσερα ( dheh-kah-TESS-eh-rees / dheh-kah-TESS-eh-ra) 15 δεκαπέντε ( dheh-kah-PEN-deh) 16 δεκαέξι ( dheh-kah-EX-ee) 17 δεκαεπτά ( dheh-kah-ep-TAH) 18 δεκαοχτώ ( dheh-kah-okh-TOH) 19 δεκαεννέα ( dheh-kah-en-EH-ah) 20 είκοσι ( EE-koss-ee) 21 εικοσιένας/εικοσιμία/εικοσιένα ( ee-koss-ee-EN-ahs / ee-koss-ee-MEE-ah / ee-koss-ee-EH-nah) 22 εικοσιδύο ( ee-koss-ee-DHEE-oh) 23 εικοσιτρείς/εικοσιτρία ( ee-koss-ee-TREES / ee-koss-ee-TREE-ah) 30 τριάντα ( tree-AHN-dah) 40 σαράντα ( sah-RAHN-dah) 50 πενήντα ( peh-NEEN-dah) 60 εξήντα ( ex-EEN-dah) 70 εβδομήντα ( ev-dhoh-MEEN-dah) 80 ογδόντα ( ogh-DHON-dah) 90 ενενήντα ( en-en-EEN-dah) 100 εκατό ( eh-kah-TO) 200 διακόσιοι/διακόσιες/διακόσια ( dhyah-KOH-syah) 300 τριακόσιοι/τριακόσιες/τριακόσια ( tryah-KOH-syah) 1000 χίλιοι/χίλιες/χίλια ( KHEE-lee-ee / KHEE-lyehs / KHEE-lyah) 2000 δύο χιλιάδες ( DHEE-oh khee-lyAH-dhes) 10,000 δέκα χιλιάδες ( DHEH-kah khee-lyAH-dhes) 1,000,000 ένα εκατομμύριο ( EH-nah eh-kah-to-MEE-ryoh) number _____ ( train, bus, etc. But I have been to Mexico so many times since our last visit to Greece that my languages are all confused.north βορράς ( vor-RAHS) south νότος ( NOH-toss) east ανατολή ( ah-nah-TOH-lee) west δύση ( DHEE-see) uphill προς τα πάνω or ανηφόρα ( . Discover the joy of reading with us, your trusted source for affordable books that do not compromise on quality. Quick, easy-to-use and of a size to fit neatly into your pocket, this phrasebook is organized by subjects such as: everyday phrases; hotels; and travelling around. This is a used book - there is no escaping the fact it has been read by someone else and it will show signs of wear and previous use. cheese τυρί ( tee-REE) eggs αυγά ( ahv-GHAH) salad σαλάτα ( sah-LAH-tah) (fresh) vegetables (φρέσκα) λαχανικά ( FREH-ska) lah-ha-ni-KA (fresh) fruit (φρέσκα) φρούτα ( .

And even if you don't, don't despair: almost all Greeks (but the oldest) can understand and speak English.This pocket-sized volume will help you connect with the locals in Athens, Delphi, Meteora, Sparta, Crete, Mykonos, Santorini, Rhodes — and everywhere in between. The accent (similar in usage as in Spanish), if written, is placed on the vowel of the tonic syllable, or onto the second vowel if there's a diphthong. It is arranged by topic as follows: the world and nature; space and time; the human body; human life: its various relations; mind; arts and sciences; speech and writing; philosophy; emotions, character; virtue and vice; religion; domestic life; commerce and agriculture; the state; law and justice; military matters; naval matters; miscellany, and proverbs. This classic English-Greek vocabulary of phrases, first published in the nineteenth century, is based on the writings of Thucydides, Xenophon, Demosthenes and Plato.

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