Night of the Living Cat Vol. 1

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Night of the Living Cat Vol. 1

Night of the Living Cat Vol. 1

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Rhymer probably worked very hard to make the original dialogue at least readable and probably that it was originally atrocious. I like how there is so much effort to show cats not being harmed, like in the epic helicopter crash. This traffic may have been sent by malicious software, a browser plug-in, or a script that sends automated requests.

Its unique take on the zombie genre makes it perfect reading for Halloween, especially for those who prefer their horror to have a B-movie charm rather than being heavy on gore or intense scares. The illustrations are incredibly detailed, capturing the horror and chaos of the world in which the story takes place. Nowadays, everyone sees films at Cannes and Sundance and believes that "Hey, Independent Film is just like Hollywood.

A pandemic breakout of the virus NN has turned humans into cats one after another and the remaining ones have to fight for their survival. In the near future, a unique disease has swept across the planet: a virus that transforms humans into cats! If you share your network connection, ask your administrator for help — a different computer using the same IP address may be responsible. In a zombie apocalypse setting, the things that makes you root for the protagonist is the threat of death and total extermination of the human race, but here it just doesn't matter.

The people living in this world don't find it funny, they find it horrifying that this is happening. This, mixed with the dark, ruined locations they explore gives the series a very gritty atmosphere, to the point that the series often resembles manga from the mid to late '90s. The story follows Kunagi, a young man who has it worse than most, as Kunagi has somehow developed amnesia. But when a peculiar white kitty with a large jewel produces an earsplitting screech, all the cats in the city converge on their location! It's ends up not being funny, just weird, which is a crying shame because this setting had a lot of potential to be something hilarious.

Now, with Tsutsumi’s allergies as a cat detector, Kunagi is striving to keep his small band of survivors from going feline. In the spirit of Anime, video gaming, and even good old Horror films, (Come back to your roots, Sam Raimi.

Plus, long-time zombie fans will find plenty of references to classic zombie media, making Night of the Living Cat feel like a fantastic homage to the genre and its greatest creators. This wild new take on a post-apocalyptic survival tale will make you roll over and purr with delight!Kunagi, a man with no memory of his past yet a deep knowledge of cats, struggles to hold on with only his wits and a will to survive. Coin-back rate for membership rank is determined based on your rank when you have proceeded to the settlement screen. You can change your choices at any time by visiting Cookie preferences, as described in the Cookie notice. If you're a big cat fan definitely check out this series but if you don't have any particular attachment to felines then maybe you can skip this manga and read something else.

Now, with Tsutsumi's allergies as a cat detector, Kunagi is striving to keep his small band of survivors from going feline. The characters are also well-drawn, with their expressions and body language perfectly conveying their fear and desperation.And the horde is expanding, since if these adorable kitties snuggle with a human, the human is transformed into yet another cat. If only the author made things even more ridiculous, added some people that were anti-cat and acted reasonably to make it a bit more complex, showed more emotions from characters, gave the cast a good reason not to just get infected and give up and changed the artstyle to be more gag-like/less detailed in favor of providing more emotion, such as weird facial expressions, overly surprised mugshots, the cats showing surprise at his actions with warped expressions like snot running out their noses, big eyes and open mouths, this would be a masterpiece. I can't see this having the potential for more than 3 volumes really and I'm surprised that the author still manages to publish it. This is a manga that relies almost solely on the absurdity of a typical zombie apocalypse where the zombie virus is replaced with a cat transformation virus, where people who are in close contact with the cats like petting them will get "infected" and rapidly turn into cats themselves and for some reason everyone in the world absolutely loves cats to the point of stupidity, especially the protagonist that loves cats just a bit too much.

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