LEGO Harry Potter 76404 Le Calendrier de l'Avent 2022, 24 Mini-Jouets, avec Jeu de Société

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LEGO Harry Potter 76404 Le Calendrier de l'Avent 2022, 24 Mini-Jouets, avec Jeu de Société

LEGO Harry Potter 76404 Le Calendrier de l'Avent 2022, 24 Mini-Jouets, avec Jeu de Société

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Overall, Rubeus Hagrid’s Flying Motorcycle definitely isn’t the worst micro build ever, and despite it being small, you can actually have some fun with it. Day 20 – The Burrow Day 20 – The Burrow This Minifigure is available in two other LEGO sets: the 76383 Hogwarts Moments: Potions Class set and the 76402 Hogwarts: Dumbledore’s Office set.

Builds such as The Knight Bus, Gringotts Wizarding Bank and escaped dragon, and The Burrow look amazing for such a small scale.

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Would we have preferred a Minifigure instead of Ollivanders Wand Shop behind the door for day 1? Yes! But we can’t complain too much about what we got. Day 2 – Quidditch hoops Day 2 – Quidditch hoops

The flame is a very light blue translucent piece, and it clips neatly into the center of the goblet, protruding up and nearly doubling the micro build’s height. Neville has a dark blue leg piece that features no printing. They might be plain, but at least they’re able to move, and as such, you can put him in whatever pose you want. The head is the very same Professor Slughorn head that we get on many of his other Minifigures. It features a happy face on one side and a slightly irate face on the other. As this Minifigure is based on his appearance in The Philosopher’s Stone, Harry has shorter legs and, as such, is a shorter character.

In the movie, The Burrow is quite a wonky and haphazard building, and LEGO has done their best to recreate this look. It took us a little while to figure out what this micro build actually was, but when we realized, we were actually quite impressed at the level of detail – especially for such a tiny build! The Gringotts Wizarding Bank and escaped dragon set is definitely up there as one of the highlights of the calendar! Day 23 – The Hogwarts Express and platform 9 3/4 Day 23 – The Hogwarts Express and platform 9 3/4 It would have been nicer to get the full thing, though, perhaps in two or three pieces. This would have added to the play value of the micro build. Day 6 – Moaning Myrtle Day 6 – Moaning Myrtle Part of an extensive range – LEGO® Harry Potter™ playsets put favorite characters, familiar locations and magical adventures into the hands of all young wizards, witches and Muggles™

We also get a small clear piece with a piece of paper printed onto it. On that paper is written Harry Potter’s name, from when it is ejected from the Goblet of Fire. It can be positioned in the Whomping Willow via a tiny tilted clear piece that holds it at an angle as if it has just crashed into the tree.Overall, The Pensieve is one of those ‘filler’ days where LEGO had to put something a little less exciting in if they wanted to put extra cool stuff behind the doors for the other days! Day 18 – Professor Severus Snape Day 18 – Professor Severus Snape Behind door 19 is Rubeus Hagrid’s Flying Motorcycle. This dark and compact little vehicle is a fun little micro build that does have some play value, so kids will enjoy it! Neville’s double-sided head has a neutral face on one side, with a more worried and concerned face on the other. His short hair piece conceals the second face. There’s just something about her look and the attention to the details on her torso piece that we love, and it helps her stand out slightly from the rest of the crowd. All 24 Minifigures and micro builds Overall, the Quidditch hoops allow you to have some fun and play a game of Quidditch with your Minifigures. Day 3 – Harry Potter Day 3 – Harry Potter

Minifigure-wise, it’s hard to choose a favorite as they are all equally fun and have their own charms, but if push came to shove, we’d have to go for Nymphadora Tonks. Overall, Nymphadora Tonks is one of the most colorful and unique Minifigures that we get in this set, and we adore the work that went into capturing every little detail of her outfit. Day 16 – Professor Horace Slughorn as an armchair Day 16 – Professor Horace Slughorn as an armchair Molded in light grey plastic, it has translucent red pieces at the bottom of the hilt as well as on the ends of the cross guard. Overall, the Hall of Prophecies suffers the same problem as the micro build that came the day before: the idea is nice, the execution is good, but the final result has no play value and, as such, isn’t the best. Day 15 – Nymphadora Tonks Day 15 – Nymphadora TonksIf you take slughorn’s head off altogether, the chair is completely useable. Minifigures fit in it perfectly, and you can include it in any scene where an armchair is needed. Up next, behind day 10’s door, is the Goblet of Fire. Constructed out of several brown rounded LEGO pieces, it sits atop a sandy beige floor. On day 5 we get a chamber of secrets micro build. Constructed primarily from light gray pieces, it is a little flat and bland. The structure looks neat, and the little great statuette is a nice addition, but it’s still a pretty plain build.

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